The New Ways of Working

Due to changes in society and people in general, the role of work and the way people work has changed. Modern technology makes it possible to work differently. Flexibility is an important driving force behind this new way of working. According to the New Ways of Working vision, employees are free to determine how they work, where they work, when they work, with what they work and with whom they work. The objective is to not only make the work process more effective and more efficient but also to make it more enjoyable for both the organisation and the employee.

This new way of working places particular demands on the environment. In order to gain the best performance from employees, it is essential to provide an enjoyable working environment. The quality of the work environment affects the way people work together, the business culture, the sense of responsibility and the motivation of employees. Blaak 31 offers an attractive, comfortable working environment. Besides optimum accessibility, simple parking and the bustling neighbourhood, the building has various facilities which make Blaak 31 an agreeable and comfortable place to work.

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